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  • Intro
    Managing a caseload is hard.
    Your software shouldn't be.
  • Meet Solutions7
    Meet Solutions7.
    A new way to manage your child welfare or foster care agency
  • Software as a Service
    Software as a Service
    SaaS technology means low cost of ownership and easy implementation
  • Drag and drop
    "Drag and Drop" Ease of Use
    So intuitive, a new user can be trained on the basics in under a minute
  • Go paperless
    Go paperless
    Free yourself from cumbersome paper forms with Solutions7

The next evolution in child welfare software

Low Training and Ownership Costs

Solutions7 is designed to minimize training and ownership costs – lowering costs, frustration on staff, and increasing staff satisfaction.

Software as a Service Technology

The software is hosted on our servers, removing the IT burden and increasing accessibility. It can be accessed from any standard web browser, including mobile devices.

Client & Family Tracking

Streamlined client and family tracking capabilities… powerful and simple ways to enter valuable client and family information and tie them together.

Home and Facility Tracking

Foster/adoptive home tracking moves the home from inquiry to approval stages, collecting pre-service activities along the way.

Intelligent Workflow Engine

Context-sensitive workflow process automation to ensure documentation steps are followed in sequence.

OneKare Search

Natural language search feature that makes it easy for even a novice user to navigate around the system, find clients and staff, plus more.

Help Center

Always-available online help forum with online training videos, step-by-step tutorials, question and answers, and direct access to KaleidaCare staff.


An integrated executive dashboard with powerful, easy-to-read graph reports of an agency’s health and outcomes from information that is already captured/entered during daily operations. More →

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Tracking Service Follow Up Actions
  • Easy to set Tickler reminder
  • Reporting by client/home or user
  • Adjustable time span reporting
  • Action links integrated into report

Managing a caseload, with all of today’s required documentation, just got easier. Learn more →

Electronic Approval and Signature
  • Upload signature image
  • Electronically sign documents
  • Signature appears on reports

Our Electronic Signature feature allows users to attest or certify their signature by requiring re-entry of the user’s password. Learn more →

Smart Navigation
  • Incremental searching
  • Recent actions
  • Email notifications
  • What’s next
  • OneKare search

KaleidaCare’s Solutions7 is easy and intuitive to navigate, just what you want from your software. Learn more →

The flow and features meet the expectations of computer savvy folks while still being accessible to my staff who are afraid of technology!

Nicole Breyette- Home of the Innocents, Louisville, Kentucky

Client Tracking
  • Individual and family clients
  • Foster and adoptive homes
  • Moves and reasons for moves can be easily tracked
  • Configurable dropdowns/reasons

Tracking is a cornerstone of KaleidaCare’s system. Here is why. Learn more →

Custom Forms
  • Take a paper form and make an electronic version
  • Key data points can be marked as required
  • Use data entered elsewhere to prevent re-entry

Custom forms for individual and family clients, homes & facilities, and even staff & other professionals. Learn more →

Client File
  • A place to view all existing records
  • A place to edit existing records
  • A place to add new records
  • All in one place!

Everything in one place – that’s what you need and what Solutions7 provides. Learn more →

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Get a no-pressure demonstration from our friendly sales director, Jenna.

Endorsed by the FFTA and many state associations